The Best and Worst Fashion Around the World

The Best

H’Mong tribeswomen in North Vietnam for their intricate jewelry and beautifully woven designs

Male pilgrims in Varanasi, India and their bright colors and skilled draping of fabric to create an outfit

Sikhs pilgrims in Amritsar, India- they look like wizards!

Khmer village women in their clashing matching prints

Old men in Lima in the same outfits their grandfathers wore

Old men on Isla de Chiloe

The women in the fashionable Palermo neighborhood of Buenos Aires. They were also beautiful.

Sadhus in the Indian Himalayas. Again, fantastic and creative layering

South Moroccan women in the desert in the most beautiful tie-dye patterns I have ever seen

The bright and bold patterned fabric in Senegal

Tuareg blues through the Sahara

The Worst

Indigenous Aymara women in La Paz in puffed out skirts in terrible prints with a bowler hat. I liked the Aymara fashion in Potosi, however, which was similar but with more flattering skirts worn with wool leggings.

Vietnamese women in Saigon, Hanoi, Hue and Hoi An that all looked like they were wearing kids pyjamas from the ’90’s.

Kurdish women in Turkey in longsleeved denim and khaki zip up coats and headscarves

The Pokemon teens of Santiago

Teens on in the cities on the South Island of New Zealand: a little goth but without the edge

Men in Delhi


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