Thinking about the trip

So I’ve had some time now to think about and reflect on my trip last year. I was in Santiago, which is getting a lot of press at present, at this time last year. Also, I’ve been in full insomniac mode for the last 3 weeks and counting, so I’ve had lots of bored moments when all I do is lie in bed thinking about that weird hitchike in Turkey or the Hindu monk I met in Gangotri. The one clear sign of growth from my trip, I’ve concluded, is realizing my values. Not fully, but getting on the path toward them. And I feel like I’m on the right path. I will get there. That feels good. Some people resort to religion, some people resort to drugs, we all resort to something in hope of “getting there”. And I guess “getting there” = enlightenment.

My friend Anna came over today to take pictures of some random jewelry I have been assembling with her LIFE books and Canon G11. We talked about enlightenment being 1. ignorance is bliss vs. pursuit of full awareness. Obviously it’s the latter. We talked about Seinfeld vs. the Wire…all the while drinking White Russians, eating Bacon Popcorn and listening to The Band and Nina Simone. The recipe for creation. Well anyway, it’s empowering to figure things out, or at least feel like you are no longer stuck wherever you are or whatever you are in and can achieve everything you ever dreamed, even if it’s not what you thought your life would be like when you were 5, or 15, or just a few years ago. I get on tangents a lot but I like to come full circle. So in conclusion, I may be back blogging soon as I think, 3 months back in America, what this whole  Out on a limb, on a whim thing was about.

In the meantime, I am back in my Brooklyn nest taking apart things I own from the past and recreating them into things I need now- a means of using creativity as sustainability. I’m gonna have a website soon, too.


~ by ceciliabien on March 14, 2010.

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