Signing off from Paris: This is the end, Beautiful friend, The end.

The last night of my journey is tonight!!! Throughout my blog postings, I sometimes wondered what this “last blog” would be like. And I had a million ideas of stuff I would want to say and conclusions I have drawn and where I am headed after this. But I have been going to so many places through the past year that going home just sort of feels like another place I am headed to for the time being, until I move on. We’ll see. I definitely don’t think I will be a nomad for the rest of my life but at the same time I am far from ready to settle anywhere or on anything.

All I did on my last day was stop at every street musician I saw, whether a trumpet band, solo cello-ist, or Bob Dylan cover artist (like this one), and sit and listen and breathe and give whatever leftover Euro change I had in my pocket.

I reminisced a bit with my Parisian friend Alex tonight, who I have not seen in 4 years. It was great. And reminded me that nothing is ever the end. I get sad about potentially never seeing a lot of the people who meant so much to me on this trip ever again. But you never know. That’s the beauty of life!

It's been 4 years and it was just like old times. Cheers to all the wonderful, beautiful, amazing, talented people I have met on this trip...whether traveling together for a month or if I just met you at a bus station for an hour, you meant the world to me and I will never forget any of you.

 So I made it. Alive. I never got malaria, never got attacked, never shot or run over or even mugged! Sure I had 2 near-deathers (almost drowning in New Zealand and the head on collision in Phnom Penh) that made me rethink life, and I had that terror in Tangier, but I am returning home the same, my hair a lot longer and my feet a little bit bigger, my backpack now patched with duct tape and my clothes stained with various liquids. That’s it, I think. Catch ya on the flip side.




~ by ceciliabien on November 19, 2009.

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