Behold: All the findings that somehow remained in my wallet through the year

-Ticket stub for the Buenos Aires futbol match San Lorenzo vs. San Luis, truly an experience watching the fans as much as the game.

-Ticket to the Taj Mahal along with the phone number of the guy from Bangalore who helped me communicate to the bus driver that I was about to miss my flight to Turkey if he didn’t step on it.

-Beer Lao beer label

-The business card for the bar in Phnom Penh I was at the night of the accident

-Business card from a club in Kars, Turkey, on the Armenian border

-Business card from the first hostel I stayed at on my entire trip in Lima, Peru: Barranco Backpacker’s

-Moroccan gum wrapper

-2000 Vietnamese dong currency (about 13 cents)

-Train ticket from Saigon to DaNang in Vietnam

-Ticket stub for Mt. Nemrut Dagi in Mesopotamia

-Ticket stub for Angkor Wat

-Ticket stub for Kuang Xi waterfalls outside Luang Prabang, where I biked through the countryside 30 km each way

-Ticket stub for Beng Melea; I rode on the back of a motorbike more than 60 km each way to reach this abandoned, unvisited jewel.

-Ticket stub for Pamukkale, Turkey

-Ticket stub for the worst journey I have ever taken by plane from Buenos Aires to Auckland, New Zealand. This was the only problem I had on any of the flights I took (and here’s hoping my flight home goes smoothly!) We sat in the plane on the runway for 4 hours before they finally told us to get off: our flight was being delayed 12 hours.

-1000 Lao Kip currency (about 25 cents)

-a 1 Turkish Lira bill: a true souvenir that got passed to me- they don’t make 1 Lira bills anymore. 1 Lira comes in coin form.

-Business card for my Auberge in the Mauritanian sahara

-Ticket for Camera Obscura, a Glasgow pop band I saw last week in Barcelona

-An archaic looking cardboard ticket for a train ride in India from Darjeeling to Varanasi

-The business card of the French guy whose chauffeur drove me 4 hours to Dakar from Saint-Louis

-The business card of the Moroccan architect who gave me the keys to his apartment in Essaouira (and told me to keep them so I always have a home there whenever I want to come back).

-Magnet from my favorite steakhouse in Argentina

-Hostel club card from New Zealand

-Various coins from every country


~ by ceciliabien on November 18, 2009.

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