Today in Barcelona I saw a taxi driver that looked like Ralph Lauren…

…and I wondered, has the first world gone flipped-turned-upside-down while I have been gone? Well, no. Turns out everything seems to be the same, if high street fashion is any indication. Today I wandered into some H&Ms and Zaras and it was all the same crap I saw in the windows last year, except in different colors. I should have known from New York´s latest fashion week disappointment. I hope Paris can surprise me next week. After the fantastic color and pattern combinations I´ve witnessed in West Africa this past months, seeing all the same gentrified trickle-down effect fashion here is a major let down. On the streets here, all the guys my age are sporting thick rectangle-rimmed glasses, pierced ears, and designer sneakers. At least I haven´t seen the Taliban-inspired scarf that was all the rage in Brooklyn when I left. Fashion aside, I haven´t seemed to have too hard a time adjusting back to hot showers, toilet seats, and all my favorite things about first world cities…like gourmet food shops and being able to walk! Wow! I swear I walked all of Barcelona today, excited that I could do my merry city speed walk down the organized streets with no one harassing me! So yeah, it all feels familiar and the same. Like I could be in New York except I am in Spain. And now it feels like all white people look the same to the untrained eye. Well, hopefully when I return to America, things will NOT be the same, and the Senate will pass the health care reform bill! Here comes America, going commie! If this trip has taught me anything, ¨going commie¨ is the way to go!


~ by ceciliabien on November 9, 2009.

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