Out of Africa

So it’s my last night in the third world tonight. I was invited to a Cote d’Ivoire-ian club tonight but instead I decided to stay in and write to you all. Tomorrow night I fly to Barcelona and will continue north toward Paris after that where I will fly home from. First world comforts, here I come!

I spent the day on Isle de Goree, an island off Dakar that was once the main slave trading port, back when America was all about kidnapping Africans to make peach cobbler and grow cotton and shit, before Abe Lincoln said ENOUGH! Today, Isle de Goree has been seen by the likes of 50 Cent, Sade, Serena Williams, and the greatest American of all time: George W. Bush. I spent a good day there, having lunch with some local Djembe players. And then having an afternoon tea with a local artists. He said he liked Americans. And didn’t like French people. He said Americans came to the island and gave things. He said French people came to make money and then leave. The first time in a long time I was really proud to be American (and I am. Proud, I mean.)


Isle de Goree; once America's slave trading port now dominated by French colonial architecture. So America wasn't the last of the rapists.


Lunch with some local Djembe players

The last time I was in Barcelona I found an abandoned ice cream cart in the middle of the night and with a friend, raided the contents, then realizing we couldn’t consume 6 ice cream bars each, gave them out to some guys on the street who ended up inviting us to some private club with red velvet curtains. We’ll see what happens this time. I also realized that there might be Christmas decorations, which will be weird because a. It will really make me feel like it’s been a year because when I began in Lima, Christmas was on the brink and there were decorations galore. It’s really a weird feeling when it all comes into context. And b. I have been in hardcore Muslim countries for more than 3 months, listening to prayer calls 5 times a day, every day, getting used to being woken up at 4 am for Allah praise…so Christian dominance will be a major shock (maybe).

Well, my friends, we’ll see how it goes, adapting to the Euro and Western cities and sit-down toilets, reliable hot water, and supermarkets.



~ by ceciliabien on November 7, 2009.

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