Do you like, West African muuuusssicc?

West Africa has a thriving music scene. In Senegal there are Djembe beats and jam sessions on the streets everywhere you go and in central Dakar, awesome local music venues at every corner. It’s also cool because you can just hang out with the musicians like regular people, not bling blingers in stretch limos with gold teeth. I wanted to make it to Mali, where it’ a similar mentality, but way more chill. Unfortunately, it costs $131 for Americans to get a visa there, and since I would only have time for a week, I really didn’t feel like shelling out the dough just because our governments feel like bullying each other. Nevertheless, the music is still awesome. Here are some of my favorites from Mali and Senegal:

Rokia Traore (Mali)

Ismael Lo (Senegal)

Ali Farkatoure (Mali)

Baaba Maal (Senegal)


Quick sketch of a singer from Burkina Faso (since I couldn't take a picture)


~ by ceciliabien on November 7, 2009.

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