When bad things happen, it is easy to regret all the”wrong” decisions you made that led up to them. Something good always comes, too, but when it takes a while for that to happen I can only dwell on regret. Morocco started off roughly, and even when I got out of Tangier into beautiful Chefchaouen and Fes, and tried to meditate myself into a peace of mind, I found convincing myself that I was well instead of genuinely feeling it. There were so many moments that I just wanted to be done with this all, but then what? So I worked harder, tried to spread some good vibes and kindness, and slowly my karma was improving with my mood. And since the villages of the Draa Valley, it has been some sort of karmic revolution, a miraculous change in my mind and spirit. In fact, I cant quite believe my good fortune in the wonderful people I have been meeting here, there, everywhere in Morocco.

My little room in the old French Moroccan art apartment in the Essaouira medina

My little room in the old French Moroccan art apartment in the Essaouira medina

The mystic port of Essaouira

The mystic port of Essaouira

There is always fog here

There is always fog here

So now I find myself in the ex-hippie hangout of Essaouira on the Atlantic coast of Morocco. My first stop on the coast and my last destination before I head down to the Mauritanian border. Jimi and Janis used to hang out here and now what remains is a foggy, misty, evocative, provokative, port town with whitewashed ramparts and balconies, Portuguese canons, squawking gulls, and some kind of peaceful, haunted aura; and of course its two touristy strips of carpets and baboushess. My body had been feeling overwhelmed by most of Morocco but now I felt calm and have things in perspective. I was having a difficult time finding a place to stay upon arrival, but instead of freaking out, as would be my natural reaction, I chilled out and concluded, Well, I just might have to sleep on the street, worse things have happened. I would rather sleep on the street than in some sketchy home where I am the only female. But all good things came round and while making the acquaintance of some local artist and musicians, I also met an old local architect who had many travel tales of yore, and invited me to stay in his fabulous French-Moroccan antiqued apartment in the heart of Essauoira, as he remembered the kindness of others during his travels. Traveling really makes you want to be the best person you can be (to sound all Lance Armstrong-y and cheesy and what not). But it does. I feel so so fortunate to be here, in this extraordinary space of good energy with light and music and a courtyard of birds. He has also armed me with a sketchpad and pens and demanded that I tinker away on his piano, and so all this creative energy that has been holing up inside of me is finally being released! Just like his bird that just flew out the door! Whoops. Im sure it will be back for feeding, though.

Anyway, I am feeling great here. Good people, good vibes, good karma, yeah!


~ by ceciliabien on October 22, 2009.

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