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I have been really thrown off by the high tourist prices in Turkey. But what did I expect-  hanging around the Mediterranean coast in August, prime time for hoardes of Spanish and Italian tourists to tan the days away on the beach. I was wondering where all the Spanish and Italians were; while I have met a fair amount of Dutch, German, French, British and Irish travelers throughout the world, I rarely meet Spanish or Italian. It seems vacationing is more their thing (to totally generalize) than traveling. Anyway, I have been a bit dismayed by the amount of money it costs just to sleep and eat here and it is making me regret leaving India even more.

I wanted to figure out a way to enjoy Turkeys Med coast sans crowds, so I devised my own little two day trek out of Fethiye: The plan was to hike 8 km to a neighborhing ghost town called Kayaköy, have a snack, then hike 8 km further and cool off in the lagoon at Oludeniz, take a boat across the bay to Butterfly Valley, and then climb the steep hill to the village of Faralya where I would spend the night at a village home. Maybe it is because they are not used to active tourists, or maybe because no one treks around here, or maybe because I am small or maybe because I am a girl, but every time I asked for directions I was either discouraged, told it was impossible, or given the youre crazy stare. I ended up hitchiking on the back of a motorcycle (dont worry, friends, it was with an old man from the village who I had seen around town and I trusted him) through the beautiful valleys and hills to Kayaköy. This was the highlight of my day, though I wish I could stop being so terrified every time I get on a motorcycle- I still have flashbacks of the near tragedy in Phomn Penh. Man, I was sweating and holding on TIGHT down those steep hills.



The boat ticket guy in Oludeniz refused to sell me a one-way ticket telling me it was impossible to hike up to Faralya from there (its not) and by then I was so fed up with people telling me I couldnt do this and that so I just had a pistachio ice cream and took the bus back to Fethiye in a pissed off mood. Can you tell by the way I am writing that I am reading On the Road?

The worst part is that I have been totally judgemental toward other beach-going vacationers who sit around at the resorts all day. Whats wrong with that? Not everyone has to be a hardcore traveler. Clear your mind of all judgements, Cecilia! Now is the best time to practice this mantra. And it is high time I get over India. I have been dwelling on it like an ex boyfriend and it is preventing me from enjoying where I am. Stay in the present! You are in the right place right now. It is time to put into practice the things I learned in India!

Oludeniz (from Google images)

Oludeniz (from Google images)


~ by ceciliabien on August 18, 2009.

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