My Pilgrimmage: Chapter 2

On a wander in Gangotri, I stumbled upon a cave cottage behind my ashram inhabitied by a wonderful Swamiji growing a vegetable and herb garden for homemade ayurvedic remedies. He invited me to stay in his humble abode and so my next three days went like this; wake up at 4 for ginger black tea, pranayama breathing and meditation, then morning ayurvedic tea and conversation, ayurvedic massage, 1 big meal at 10 from the garden, meditation, hot lemon tea, a walk with Swamiji along the Ganga river, ayurvedic energy drink, afternoon chai and tending to the garden, a salt foot bath, acupressure massage, ayurvedic bath, then a light dinner finished with mint tea and smoking charas (also from the garden). Swamiji told me that he sometimes fasted on a diet of only lemon honey water to cleanse. I told him that this had become a popular weight loss diet with some people I knew in NYC. Swamiji laughed in disbelief at Westerners using Eastern practices to counteract overeating.
Swamiji might be the happiest person I know. The warmth of his soul and blissful energy (and ayurvedic pampering) has brought a rosy glow to my exhausted face. he loves giving hugs and laughing and I giggle at the sight of him frittering about his garden and doting on visitors in his peach head scarf like an Italian granny.
This kind of treatment would cost hundreds, thousands maybe, in New York. But every rupee I offered to Swamiji was adamantly refused. He said his past life was made of money and now he devoted life to helping people. Wow. How inspirational. I wish I could be like that. Too bad I care too much about nice dinners and designer shoes. I appreciated his generosity with enormous gratitude and admiration, but I just don’t think I could ever be enlightened to be satisfied with so simple a life.
Fore more intimate, less superficial reflections, read on to Chapter 3.
Swamiji and me in his garden (that's Krishna Ashram you see in the background)

Swamiji and me in his garden (that's Krishna Ashram you see in the background)

Swamiji's vegetable and herb garden :-O!

Swamiji's vegetable and herb garden :-O!


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