Dear Santa, (an angry letter)

All I want for Christmas is a burqua. Apparently it’s not enough to wear long, loose trousers and a shawl to cover my head and shoulders to stop the harassing and jeering from these idiot Indian village men who have never seen a foreigner, especially a female foreigner, before. They bring ‘village idiot’ to a whole new level. So I want a burqua. It’s so infuriating not to be able to walk without being yelled and grabbed at. Even a walk in the Gangotri woods turns into a nightmare after being constantly followed by hoards of these stupid, stupid men. They holler and whistle in Hindi and finally when I’ve had too much, I whirl around and spit a schpiel in English just to relieve my rage moderately, even if they can’t understand. Idiots.

I guess I can’t go to Paris if I have a burqua, though. Damn Sarkozy. Another facist pig.


~ by ceciliabien on July 18, 2009.

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