I always thought of time as weird concept- something explained by mathematics and logic of the rhythms of the world, but what do seconds and weeks and months actually mean? Who is to say an hour is longer than a few seconds, a year longer than a week? I’ve had seconds feel like a year, or many months pass as if everything happened in a day. With the seasons constantly changing out of order on my trip and because I am  living in ways I cannot relate to with prior experience, like, “oh it’s that time the year again”, time becomes even more abstract and not absolute. Which is also why I think age is all relative. On another semi-related note, my toenail is totally recovered after falling off at the end of my last trek in New Zealand. So I guess it takes two full months for a big toenail to grow- I never knew that. I guess that’s one way to measure time.


~ by ceciliabien on July 9, 2009.

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