Beer Chang, Beer Lao, Bia Hoi, Angkar Brew, Beer Klang, Beer Larue…For a tongue trained primarily in full-bodied ales (ha), distinguishing more than a few differences between these various Southeast Asian brews is hard for me. Like South American national brews, I find little difference between Southeast Asian national brews. Some are better than others, of course. Unlike South American beer, however, which mostly resembles watered down Bud, Southeast Asian breweries seem like they know what they are doing, or are at least on their way there. I’ve even come to enjoy the golden lagers (a genre I don’t normally drink at home), and find it the perfect accompaniment to a plate of Pad Thai or Pho on a hot day. Don’t get me wrong, the first thing I’m doing when I get home is downing the hoppiest pale ale I can get my hands on…followed by a dark porter…followed by an india pale ale…sigh…


~ by ceciliabien on June 16, 2009.

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