Why I’m Scared

I am so so scared….more scared then I ever have been in my entire life through all the nightmares I have been through in reality and in imagination. Life is so fragile and it can end at any second at any unexpected moment. Without a second thought or a moment to react. And I can’t believe I treat it so recklessly sometimes, like a test to see what I can get away with. A palm reader told me in college that I would die at age 50 and for some reason I took it a little bit seriously and have used it a free reign to do whatever I want. And a guy once asked me if I would rather live the life of Jim Morrison or live a long, more calmed life and I said Jim Morrison. I think I changed my mind. I would like to tell you what happened but I really do not have the energy to so if you are reading this and I haven’t told you, I basically just got into a brutal motorcycle accident in Phom Penh but obviously I am still alive. I can’t really believe or comprehend why I am, though.


~ by ceciliabien on May 12, 2009.

2 Responses to “Why I’m Scared”

  1. Glimpsing what makes you happy, or what will provide happiness, is an amazing gift. Accept it without fear. (But maybe with a little more caution!)

  2. i love you. please be safe,

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