The Lake Titicaca detour

So I know I told you that I would be in Cusco until New Year´s. Mission aborted. I was kidnapped by two charmers who forced me against my will to eat Pringles and Skittles for breakfast, listen to their Aussie music, and go to Lake Titicaca and to Isla del Sol.

the road to Puno

the road to Puno

just a snippet of the magnificent landscape

just a snippet of the magnificent landscape

We first arrived in Puno, the alleged ¨folkloria capital¨ on the Peruvian side, whereupon we crashed a wedding and Jeremy got his hiking boots polished for 5 soles.

You´re so vain...I bet you think this song is about you don´t you, don´t you?

You´re so vain...I bet you think this song is about you don´t you, don´t you?

The next day we hauled ass to Barry Manilow´s Copacabana and crossed the border into Bolivia. I watched as the border police praised my Australian mates and made kangaroo guestures, then proceeded to charge me $135 for being an American. So it goes with the Bolivian bureaucracy. After that we took a boat (that felt like it was about to capsize) to Isla del Sol and enjoyed the most delicious dinner I´ve had thus far…all ingredients locally grown amidst a eucalyptus forest.

Isla del Sol

Las Velas on Isla del Sol

Oh magical Isla del Sol, you took the wind out of me on that epic hike to the North and back down South winding up and down massive hills, crossing pig-infested beaches.

         “Once I woke up at 6 am for a bike ride and got to where I was going at 4. I biked home and got back at midnight. How I                felt then is the same as how I feel now” – direct quote from Tomas after Isla del Sol hike

cecilia-014cecilia-025cecilia-023And now I´m in La Paz, Boliva…my muscles sore and ready for a good shower.


~ by ceciliabien on December 31, 2008.

One Response to “The Lake Titicaca detour”

  1. so north or south? i think i still prefer the south, for the epic views. people say the north beaches are better, but come on, who goes to isla del sol for beaches? and where was your dinner? las velas? did your boat captain steer the boat with his foot on the engine, leaning over the side of the boat to see where he was going?
    these things i want to know. i hope you got a picture of the customs guy whose sole job it is to charge us citizens $135. i did, but i lost my photos from bolivia. you should also do the world’s most dangerous road bike tour, i regret not doing it (not enough time).

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