Cusco: 7 a.m.

After a harrowing 10 hour bus ride of stomach-dropping turns, a blaring Bernie Mac flick, a night-long bus-wide game of Bingo, sans H2o, I arrived in Cusco at 6 am and disembarked into the most majestic landscape I have ever beheld! Woe is me. Breathtaking (literally- the city is 3200 meters high with cobblestone alleys climbing higher) and awe-inspiring, my arrival here has already been a defining moment of my journey thus far. Italo Calvino’s “Invisible Cities” apparently do exist.


I befriended a Belgian couple at the bus station who let me hop in their cab to Loki hostel, where I lucked out as there was only one bed left for tonight. Loki is allegedly the party hostel of Cusco, hence its popularity, and every traveler I’ve met thus far has mentioned this notorious habitaccion. It’s like the Funny Farm (Interlaken) or Flying Pig (Amsterdam) of Cusco. Sometimes I can’t believe that there are this many travelers on the road at any given time…all this time that I was stuck inside my own little world. I think I will settle here tonight before I look for more “low-key” (i love puns) lodgings by the artsy Plaza San Blas tomorrow.

I cannot wait to begin my adventure here, beginning with a 4 day mountain-biking/trek on Sunday to Machu Picchu, where I will arrive at sunrise on Christmas Eve day.

Two weeks in Cusco? No problem.


~ by ceciliabien on December 19, 2008.

2 Responses to “Cusco: 7 a.m.”

  1. i was going to do the lares trek but decided not to because it was too expensive. obviously the classic inca trail trek is supposed to be beautiful if you can find a tour operator, and the salkantay trek isnàt supposed to be bad either. ultimately i ended up shunning the whole thing after hearing from people who did it before, it seemed a little artificial to me, and because they don’t allow donkeys on the trails, you have poor peruvians shoulder over 100 pounds of gringo shit on their back. my own advice would be to skip the organized trek and save your benjamins for a trek in bolivia, where i’m sure they’ll go a lot further. that said, arriving in machu picchu after a long trek should be amazing. also, thereàs a way to get to machu picchu for super cheap, if you want, which involves taking the bus to santa teresa and then hydraulica, then walking. ask around. good luck and enjoy machu picchu. also, climb huayna picchu at 10 am, not 7 am. they only allow 400 people on the mountain so you have to get there early.
    love cedric

    p.s. merry christmas/feliz navidad. i mailed the parents a postcard.

  2. i’m trying to picture you on a 10 hour bus ride with no water. that’s like me with no chapstick – torture!!!!!!

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