See you in a year, my dear!

It’s my last night in NYC before my year-long journey around the world.

The countdown began about a month ago: getting my last vaccinations, quitting work, subletting my apartment, saying good-bye to my parents- and now it’s suddenly here. All I gotta do is finish packing…

2 outfits and a bunch o' gear

< 60L for a year: 2 outfits and a bunch o' gear

I have been too busy taking care of last minute errands and seeing friends to really be excited, nervous*, or simply in the present. It’s hard to take in everything that the present has to offer when there is such a great challenge in sight. Especially when that challenge has been a lifelong dream. I’ve been going to yoga and trying to remember to breathe but I can’t stop frittering about; packing and re-packing, organizing and re-organizing, planning and re-planning. I think I’ve dropped about 7 glasses in the process of moving everything around a bajillion times (for no real reason other than restlessness). I’ve also probably dropped about 7 pounds from all the frittering (guess that about equals out all the Thanksgiving pie). I haven’t been able to sleep at all since last Tuesday but I feel completely energized and not the least bit tired…what else is new.

*ahem, I believe, what it is…is neither excitement or nervousness, but rather nervous excitement.

So here I am, “polish”-ing (ha ha) off my Saturday night Polish leftovers straight out of the styrofoam to-go thing, listening to some Nina Simone, smokin’ a doobie (just kidding, Mom)…tomorrow I’ll be on a plane to Lima, where it will be 75 degrees instead of 29, and I will be feasting on fresh ceviche instead of fried pierogis. And everything will be different and it will be just the beginning…see ya on the road.


~ by ceciliabien on December 9, 2008.

4 Responses to “See you in a year, my dear!”

  1. Surrender yourself to the world, my dear. Open your mind and whatever you do, Don’t Forget to Smile!

  2. Bon voyage Cecilia – enjoy your journey from beginning to end !
    XO Claudia

  3. ooooh i wish i was going to Lima!! send ❤ to Natalia and all her amigos. you’re going to have the best time there. someday maybe our schedules will coincide and we can actually go to Peru at the same time, in the same year (as opposed to same time, different years)
    big kiss, lil miss!
    be safe and love you lots!!

  4. I’m looking forward to reading all about your adventures! Be safe CB, and come back home in one piece to all of us who love you!

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